I am obsessed with tech and social networking, an avid Googler, a chronic thinker, UX and UI enthusiast, passionate about almost anything, minesweeper addict, can always be found on GTalk and yes gentle at heart.Read more about me on my about page. You can also read my Vellapanti. Google Plus.

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Account/s is my account in any of the online services that I am a member or user of and that may provide a social environment for interaction with people – intellectual, fool or none of them. For a start consider it to be Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, various Blogs (mine or any other,) etc.

I am the sole user of the Accounts and no one else has the rightful access to those Accounts.
Status updates, comments, likes, groups, pages, chat, messages, tags and any technology or term used within the environment of Facebook as defined by Facebook Inc. Tweets, follow, unfollow, Direct Mention (DM), Mentions or any other technology or term used within the environment of Twitter as defined by Twitter Inc. Similar for  technologies and features for other Accounts.
My Blogs are the blogs that I am the sole owner of viz. Story of Ink, Techfrolic, Quora and Tumblr, (and others that I have not named) they feature my blog posts, comments and comments for others.
Content can be any one or a combination of the ones mentioned in the above paragraph.
Request/s can be a friend request or follow request.


Before accepting my friend request/follow or sending me a friend request or subscribing to my public updates or interacting with me either directly or indirectly you accept that you are ready to bear/face my comments, likes as whatever Content that I may generate. You should be prepared for my request (don’t worry I won’t request you to marry me with the exception being for one girl ;)) to read my blogs whenever I may ask you. Similar goes for other Accounts.
You would not mind me, especially if you are a beautiful and intellectual girl, checking out your profile or (beautiful and intellectual) pics, or any other Content.
Friend requests/follows by bots, companies, and strippers would definitely be ignored. These may subscribe to my updates.
You would not get offended by my rants, sarcasm or blunt comments, tweets or any other Content.
I put/create all of the Content without giving it a second thought (although I do give it a second thought but as I, unfortunately, have only one brain it is without a second thought :P) I do not claim responsibility for any of the Content I put and YOU shall not blame me or hold me responsible for any consequences, whatsoever it may be. If you have any objection to any Content contact me and I SHALL bring it down as soon as I would come to know about it and if I would think the same as you about that particular Content in question.
You may not hold my employer (although I am unemployed,) my college (that I hardly attend,) my university (that’s anyone’s but not mine,) my country, countrymen (yeah you can blame the countrywomen, :P) any family member, relative, friend (either individually of collectively) responsible for my naiveness, opinions or ridiculousness on any of Accounts. If you may like you can blame my enemies.
No dead or living takes responsibility of my actions anywhere.
The views expressed anywhere are personal and are bound to change anytime as thoughts and opinions keep changing.
All the Content is original and copyrighted, unless stated otherwise, and hence think twice before copying (subject to availability of two brains.) Generally the copied ones might (not necessarily) end with #Copied or the source.
The above disclaimer can change anytime without prior notice and/or notification and the latest version that would be displayed on this web page would be applicable irrespective of the previous versions.
This Disclaimer applies to all my Accounts, Content Requests and My Blogs.
By accepting or sending Request/s or interacting me you swear to accept and follow the above Disclaimer at all times till you last breathe.

Commenting Policy

Comments made by visitors or readers on My Blogs are owned by me but I am not to blame or held responsible for their content.
Comments made by me on other blogs or website are not owned by me and I am not to be held responsible for it.
By commenting you accept the Commenting Policy and the Disclaimer.
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