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‘Tell us about you.’
 ‘About Me?”

‘Yes, about you.’ (Who else is here?)
‘Well, first of all I am an Indian, 19 years old, the only child of parents who were born in different states and brought up in different states. I too was brought up in a different state. I can understand about some four to five languages (simple words and sentences) but I should add that I am not good at learning languages otherwise I would have learnt all of those four/five languages completely.
‘I try to be humble to everyone, have patience, and don’t speak the so called bad words (abusive words/gaalis) that require censorship. I think that all computer desktops (tables) should be messy, and I am not talking about desktops having Lionel Messi Photographs. I love to think and thus I use this blog to convert my thoughts into letters and words and lines and paragraphs and …’

‘Yes, we have got it. What do you love to do other than musing?’
‘I love to read when free, sit in front of the Idiot Box, Day Dreaming, getting involved in debates and discussions, playing Chess and would like to pursue photography as a hobby and own one of those expensive DLSR cams when I am well enough on my own, I woul…’

(Does he even know what DSLR stands for?)
(Though I don’t know what DSLR stands for! Just kidding DSLR= digital single-lens reflex)

‘Hmmm (but not interested) so you seem to be interested in many things.’

‘You said that you love to read? What do you read? And who is your favourite author?’
‘I love to read – anything from newspapers to blogs to books; anything containing letters that I can understand. I even read what’s written behind shampoo bottles, medicine strips, pencil cells, manuals… ’

‘Alright, got it.’
‘As far as the books are concerned I read most of the genres – fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, tech, etc. My favourite author is Paulo Coelho and favourite book is ‘The Alchemist’ by the same author.’

‘What are your strengths and what are you good at?’
(Gleam on hearing this)
‘I am good at maths which I think is hereditary. I am lazy which I consider to be my strength when I am musing. I am good at managing things, in chess (up to a fair level), technology, debates, etc. ’

‘What are your weaknesses and what do you dislike?’
(Frown on hearing this)
‘I am a lazy lad (that is when I am not musing), I am bad at spellings; dislike haircut, travelling.
I am Xenophobic and thus I am socially a shy person and interact only with my close friends. And to overcome with this I use social networking and I am pretty well now and improving. I can now talk to those Chetan Bhagat’s call centre guys. I am Tachophobic too.’

‘What are your future goals?’
Finish my engineering, try my luck best for UPSC Exams. Blog, and pursue Photogarphy as hobby. Don’t remember anything else will tell you if I remember, in future. :/

‘Coming to your blog. Why the name ‘My PSW Musings’?’
‘There’s a short story behind.

‘Can you share it with us? But please don’t go too long.’
‘Of course, why not. It was one of those debates with my friends and it just (as most of the debates) went from one point to another to another to ano…’

‘Another’ (Oh gosh he never stops!)
‘When someone interrupted me, the discussion got carried to something else but I never forgot my point and returned back to what I wanted to say after discussing that point. Thus one of the senior friends said that your PSW is very good. Thus I had chosen the name ‘My PSW Musings’ for my blog but now it is Story of Ink.

‘What do you aim with this blog?’
I plan to express what’s going on inside my head, something for the nation and something for the youth and some leisure stuff so that I use some of my grey matter.

‘Your writing seems to be naïve?’
(Frown again, then why are you interviewing me in first case, go and interview someone else. X-( )
‘I have just started writing. With time my style will mature too.’

‘One thing that I have found out is that the posts don’t have any images.’
Good question. The thing is that I don’t have a net connection at home so I just write the posts at home and then upload/post them from a cyber café thus the posts are devoid of any images but in future when I will have a connection I will definitely include images in the posts.

‘Last question. Any message for the readers?’
‘Any suggestions are welcome. You can follow the blog on:
  1. Twitter: http://twitter.com/bytesopher
  2. FB: http://www.facebook.com/story.of.ink
  3. Subscribe to the RSS/Atom feeds from
  4. Google Profile
Will try to keep you updated and inspired till then keep reading and commenting and liking and promoting.’

‘Thanks for the interview, er… (What was his name? oh yes) Rahul. It was pleasure interviewing you (won’t interview again!)’
‘It was my pleasure ma’am’ (Next time send someone else to interview)
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