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Women should adhere to our culture and wear sarees

We came up with notices asking women to shed jeans. Read on.
Acid Attack Poster

I believe a woman should wear a saree.
It does not matter,
Whether you agree or disagree.
And I do not want you yo take this as a chatter.
But before it is made a decree,
We men need to solve our matter.

Before making woman a kaidi,
We should wear a dhoti and khadi.
We need to follow our tradition,
Only then should women be made subject to our sedition.
We need to stop insulting our women,
Everytime we say MC or BC to our men.

We need to stop j**king off and fantasizing about,
The neighbouring Aunty who, once in a day, comes out.
We need to stop behaving like wolves - hooting and whistling,
We need to stop behaving like criminals - raping and molesting.
We need to stop treating her as a slave and a labourer,
And start behaving her as an equal partner.

If above is adhered by us,
Women would ever be cautious,
She would always wear a saree,
Even if it reveals more of her body.
But at least she'd live with dignity,
For eternity.

Update: Food for thought: http://www.quora.com/Indian-Culture/Do-Indian-men-lack-respect-for-women

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