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Who is our Gandhi?

I was researching something and ‘page jumping’ I landed to the Wikipedia entry of Gandhiji’s Assassination. I was shocked by some of the mentioned facts, do read the Wiki Entry. On that page I read that a certain incident was modified a bit in the Gandhi – the movie. So out of curiosity I opened the movie and started fast forwarding the movie and I landed on the Dharasana Satyagraha. I saw the entire incident and it literally brought tears to my eyes. How can you take a blow that can potentially kill you? Forget about avenging for the blow, you don't even think about avenging. Patriotism at its proudest moment.

That scene made me wonder at my existence in my country. Am I a blot? Am I a burden? Am I someone who has done nothing for my country? The politicians come up with Jinnah inspired conspiracies and create vote banks for their own needs. I don’t want to talk about the scams done by our government in the recent years; the government and the opposition are not different, they are the same side of a coin. One is striving to be a government and the other wants to form a government. Its not the scams that is talking us down. It’s our hatred for scams, our thinking that is taking us down.

A friend commented, of my Facebook profile, to my last post saying that Gandhian principles are not relevant today. Seeing that Dharasana protest I have realised that Gandhian principles are not ineffective or obsolete they are, just, not implemented properly. As Gandhi said that Satyagraha is very difficult to observe. Satyagraha is non violence, patience, loving our enemy, perseverance and much more.

  Take Baba Ramdev’s so called movement against black money. He observed fast for some days as if it was some festive fast. He offered free food to the ones who went there in his support, isn’t free food, in a country where majority are poor, a good tactic to gain support? When he was shifted to some stadium, our insane media interviewed some of Ramdev’s supporters. Some of them came up with, “Hum baba ka poora support karte hain, hum baba k liye jail bhi jane ko taiyar hain.” [we support baba’s movement and we have no issues if, for baba’s sake the authorities imprison us in jail.] Some came up with better statements, “Hum baba ka support kate hain, hum desh k liye jail bhi jane ko taiya hain.” In a country where the youth is a majority and it has not yet seen any major patriotic movement, it is a proud thing to say, “I was imprisoned for my country’s sake,” and to say it on national television is something that even Indian Idol contestants don’t have the privilege of. What they don’t realise is that in the independence struggle the jails were real, the police and forces were real, their attacks, beatings and tortures were real. Moreover baba’s supporters were not jailed they were detained for a day. Its like, “Kahan Raja Bhoj aur kahan Ganguteili.” Its an insult to the innumerable Indians who sacrificed for our freedom. Lets now bring Baba Ramdev to the spotlight. What were his demands? One was to bring black money back to India? Is it a specific demand telling what steps to be taken in order to bring black money back to India? No, it was a broad one. ‘Bring black money back’ is as good as ‘Finish Corruption.’ Moreover, Baba Ramdev got TRP, political mileage and sympathies of the people, en masse, enough to sell more of his ayurvedic products like medicines, shampoos, toothpastes, etc. – monetary gain for him. And we all know that no serious action would be taken against him or his supporters, of course till don’t do any thing weird, as the government was under serious pressure, criticism and watch.

On 3rd June this year, Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, observed a one day fast. One day fast? Seriously was is it? A one night stand with Satyagraha? Or was is their ‘Ravivar ka Fast’ to strengthen the ‘Sun’ in their horoscope? A planet that, those babas say, is important for a person having a political aspiration.
Since the start of Anna Hazare’s indefinite hunger strike in April, 2011,  I was against his movement, as it was claimed that Lokpal would finish majority, if not all, of the corruption; and I totally don’t buy that argument – corruption is not an activity, it is a culture and it takes decades to change a culture. But his second act in August, 2011 did garner some support from me. [A brilliant article on my thoughts about all of it.] Moreover Anna’s movement was based on support from the media, on the urban population; most of it happened in Jantar Mantar; but even today the real and most of India lives in rural areas.

The most disappointing aspect of Anna’s movement was that he gave up very soon. Satyagraha is not giving up soon. Gandhiji returned back to Indian in 1915, his first Satyagraha was in Champaran, a place that I have not seen in maps, in 1918. And our Independence happened in 1947. Do some basic maths and see how long did it take. Our Anna got tired in just a couple of years. Tsk tsk, Gandhian principles are not inapplicable in modern world, its that we are implementing it incorrectly. Some of us, for nation’s glory, some for personal glory. So who is our Gandhi? Sadly the only Gandhi we have is in our wallets, he controls all of us including our politicians. By the way, wanna finish corruption? Then love thy enemy.
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