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Tears that are not tears [Fiction]

"O! Lord, King of the Kings..." began the poet.
"O learned poet," the king said after he finished. "What is your name?"
"Ravidas, My Lord."
"Ravidas be given fifty gold coins."
The King was so much pepped up, had Ravidas recited his poem again, he would have attacked the nearest King.
Two men and a woman stood before him.
"Please begin," requested the King.
"My Annadata, (अन्नदाता and not Anna-data,) I am Righu and this is Suhasini, we both love each other and want to get married but her father is against it."
"Why is it so?" the King looked at the old man.
"The worshipped, I bow to thee. I have my concerns for my daughter," began the old man. "He is a blacksmith, a caste lower than ours, a caste that our society forbids to get our children married to. Over and above, he does not earn much then how would he keep my daughter happy? How would he satisfy her needs?"
"But isn't love above everything else, My King? Isn't love enough to satisfy one's needs and desires, My King?" countered the young man.

Love! The two were sitting under the shade of the banyan, looking into the other's eyes as the cool breeze brushed their hairs.
"Don't stare at me like this, you freak me out." she said turning his head away.
"Why?" he asked, unable to stop his laughter. "I love looking into your eyes."
"I don't know, but tell me," she asked inquisitively, "Why do you do this?"
"My Love, in your eyes I see your love for me."
"Is it? Then describe it for me," she ordered excitedly.
"In your eyes, I see endless oceans."
"You mean, I have tear glands that, like the oceans, have endless waters with salt?" she said dis heartedly, and a drop of tear rolled out.
"See! You have started crying," he said laughing out loud. "I wonder, how many oceans you would fill on the day when I would embrace the Yamraja."
She wiped her tears and slapped him hard. That was the hardest slap he had ever received.
"Ouch! That must have hurt your palms, let me see them," and he reached for her palms.
Another drop of tear came out. He wiped them.
"My Love, you did not let me finish." Silence. "In your eyes I see vast endless oceans. Your love for me is endless like the oceans. Your love is deep like the oceans. Like the oceans, your love for me would never die."
Another drop of tear came out.
"But when I see your dark eyes, I only see my reflection, nothing else. Don't you love me?"
"That is my love for you. The endless oceans of love contained within your eyes are just tiny dots within the infinite darkness of my eyes."
She realised what he had just said and started crying, her lips met his. They were inseparable...

"My Lord, My Lord." Even the rulers have to be dragged back to the reality.
"Love is above everything," repeated the King. "Rajpurohitji, make arrangements for these two love birds' marriage, I would attend it. Treasurer, give them a hundred and one gold coins to begin their new life."

Her tears rolled down on his cheeks and he embraced her. They were inseparable unless he wished to. Even after being separated she was still with him, she embraced him every time he cried, after all his DHARA of tears was RADHA spelt backwards. (धारा of tears was राधा spelt backwards.)

That's all folks. Happy Birthday to Kanha. Happy Janmashtami to you. I hope you'd rob Makhan from your neighbours.

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