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Who is our Gandhi?

I was researching something and ‘page jumping’ I landed to the Wikipedia entry of Gandhiji’s Assassination. I was shocked by some of the mentioned facts, do read the Wiki Entry. On that page I read that a certain incident was modified a bit in the Gandhi – the movie. So out of curiosity I opened the movie and started fast forwarding the movie and I landed on the Dharasana Satyagraha. I saw the entire incident and it literally brought tears to my eyes. How can you take a blow that can potentially kill you? Forget about avenging for the blow, you don't even think about avenging. Patriotism at its proudest moment.

That scene made me wonder at my existence in my country. Am I a blot? Am I a burden? Am I someone who has done nothing for my country? The politicians come up with Jinnah inspired conspiracies and create vote banks for their own needs. I don’t want to talk about the scams done by our government in the recent years; the government and the opposition are not different, they are the same side of a coin. One is striving to be a government and the other wants to form a government. Its not the scams that is talking us down. It’s our hatred for scams, our thinking that is taking us down.

A friend commented, of my Facebook profile, to my last post saying that Gandhian principles are not relevant today. Seeing that Dharasana protest I have realised that Gandhian principles are not ineffective or obsolete they are, just, not implemented properly. As Gandhi said that Satyagraha is very difficult to observe. Satyagraha is non violence, patience, loving our enemy, perseverance and much more.
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The Greatest Indian ever

N. B. This is an emotional post that you may not find emotional. You have been warned! Okay now proceed.

History Channel came up with the results of the, "Greatest Indian after Gandhi" survey (its Gandhi and not Ghandi.) But why was Gandhi excluded from the survey? Gandhi always travelled third class then why was he given a special treatment here? In fact, he is given a special treatment everywhere. All of that started, tragically, after his tragical death. And is he truly the Greatest Indian ever?

What about Aryabhatta? Aryabhatta invented the zero. Zero, a magical number that when added or subtracted takes you to nowhere; when multiplied, it takes away all that you have; when divided by it, gives you everything that you ever wanted. A number that, while you are reading this piece of mastery, is being ripped apart by your processor a million times in a second, and by the time you finish reading this, it would have been tickled a stunning 1000,000,000,000 times. Processors are everywhere today, imagine a world without zeros. You'd have imagined a world without zero only when you’d have got a big zero in your test. Bhaskaracharya's work on calculus predicates Newton and Leibtniz by over half a millennium. If I go on writing, this post would never finish.
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Women should adhere to our culture and wear sarees

We came up with notices asking women to shed jeans. Read on.
Acid Attack Poster

I believe a woman should wear a saree.
It does not matter,
Whether you agree or disagree.
And I do not want you yo take this as a chatter.
But before it is made a decree,
We men need to solve our matter.

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Tears that are not tears [Fiction]

"O! Lord, King of the Kings..." began the poet.
"O learned poet," the king said after he finished. "What is your name?"
"Ravidas, My Lord."
"Ravidas be given fifty gold coins."
The King was so much pepped up, had Ravidas recited his poem again, he would have attacked the nearest King.
Two men and a woman stood before him.
"Please begin," requested the King.
"My Annadata, (अन्नदाता and not Anna-data,) I am Righu and this is Suhasini, we both love each other and want to get married but her father is against it."
"Why is it so?" the King looked at the old man.
"The worshipped, I bow to thee. I have my concerns for my daughter," began the old man. "He is a blacksmith, a caste lower than ours, a caste that our society forbids to get our children married to. Over and above, he does not earn much then how would he keep my daughter happy? How would he satisfy her needs?"
"But isn't love above everything else, My King? Isn't love enough to satisfy one's needs and desires, My King?" countered the young man.

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