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You are destined to dream [Fiction]

You are destined to dream
Mohan was sitting on the roof-top of his friend's house, reading The Alchemist. It was his first vacation in years. The sky was cloudy, the clouds as dark as they could be at that time of the year; the cool Atlantic breeze brought with it the smell of the salt contained in the sweat of the fishermen. He read, "... the most important is that you have succeeded in discovering your destiny..." Pause. "What is destiny? What are dreams?" he quizzed and stopped.

As a kid, Mohan always loved gazing at the stars, the power-cuts had made it easier. Then one day he came across a word called 'Astronaut.' "I would become an astronaut. What better than reaching the stars." He used to say. This happened even before Kalpana Chawla happened. Then one day a new girl came to his class. Her name was Vibha. For him (and many others) she was more beautiful than a Super Nova, her eyes as dark as a black hole. Whenever he saw them he used to get drawn into them only to get lost forever. As fate would have it, she sucked at Maths and Computers and he was a sucker for the same. Teaching those subjects made him a student of those subjects. By the time he completed his schooling he became an ace programmer and had gotten a scholarship to Stanford. He promised that he would propose Vibha after he graduated. At Stanford he spent all of his time coding applications and websites. He won many Hackathons. He never got out of his dorm except to attend classes and to eat. In fact, he had not even explored his hostel completely. The only place that he had ever explored was the sky.
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