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My first love letter

Raj was sitting in his cubicle, his office was under chaos. It was a month-end and targets were to be met. Raj was not in panic but he was nervous. He had his own reasons for that. He pulled out a letter that was lying in his drawer, for over a week now. As he read it, droplets of sweat surfaced on his forehead. He had some unfinished work to do.

Dear Menaka,

I can not forget that day,
I saw you first.
You made me go astray,
My heart got filled with lust...

The wind brought with it, a scent.
It was not any perfume but an odour.
I turned to see its owner.
Only to fine an angel.

Raj lifted his head over his cubicle. She was on the phone. She had been laughing and chatting for the last twenty minutes. "Who would that be?", thought Raj, anoyed.
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