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Mortal Kombat-Submission [Sarcassm]

Mortal Kombat was a ‘lovely’ game wasn’t it? I don’t know as I never played it. Whether you played it or not should not concern you as this post is about anything but that game. Well, this post is about the dreaded ritual (ah! I love this word 'ritual', say it loudly R-I-T-U-A-L) that every engineering student has to go through. Yes I am talking about the Term End Submissions. Yes most of you who are reading this would have cringed at a mere thought of it. That is the charisma of submissions.

You are given something to write, you find what you have, then there some worms who solve and write them and thus become the need of everyone, you copy what you understand, the rest is written or rather drawn the same way as it was written by them. By the time the submissions finish, the original ‘manuscript’ reduces by 3% “file on file copy,” making the total reduction to 42% in all and at times it is 57%. (the numbers have been obtained after analyzing and processing a set of data into Wolfram Alpha!) Then the issue arises whether you got your file signed in time or not. If not, then I am sorry for you, you will be executed in front of everyone and your last wish, even, will not be fulfilled! If yes, then you are the envy of the ones who will never see the end of the tunnel with you. And you are subject to abuse – verbally, mentally and … no not physically but monetarily. You will be tortured to such an extent that you’d think of getting rid of your file (but no one has the guts to do so) and falling into the line. Thus the entire ritual is one lot (actually many lots as they resurface every semester.) of a torture that we innocent students are subjected or injected (you choose or suggest) to.
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Times have changed

Remember about the fan pages on facebook “I grew up in the 90s” and “80s?” Yeah this is 2010s and time is one of the many things that keep ‘constantly changing’ – whether for good or for good of bad, no body knows. What is certain is that it keeps changing. Enough of philosophy now to point. I just returned from one of my childhood friends’ house. We watched “Step Up 3” and then I returned as he had pack as he had to go to Gandhinagar where he works. All well, isn’t it? Well, it wasn’t like this always.

Rewind to year 1998

When I first met him. He and his brother were playing cricket and I was waiting for papa to come and pick me up. I went to them and asked if I could join them, they said yes and the only thing I remember after that is that his brother and I were busy chasing for the ball hit by him. It was not a pleasant experience back then but today I do cherish it. I was never a good batsman, never scored more than 40; never a fielder, saved a four but by that time the batsman had run four runs; never a blower, was easy to hit but yes I did take “crucial” wickets as I could turn the ball. Keyword: Cricket
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