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Osama bin Laden's auto biography to be published

Islamabad. Al Qaeda Publications, the publishing house founded by Osama bin Laden, has announced through a statement that it would publish Osama bin Laden’s auto biography written by Osama himself! (Oh! And I thought George Bush wrote Osama’s ‘auto biography’ :P) and the first copy would be sent to The Oval Office (for people wondering, it is President of USA’s office) for free. Previously Al Qaeda Publications created storms by publishing books such as ‘Jihad for terrorists’ – the special version of jihad for new recruits in Al Qaeda, ‘Hijacking for dummies’ and ‘Learn suicide bombing and jihad in 72 hrs’.

Book is supposed to be titled – My Experiments with Terrorism. The tag line would be – “Journey from an engineer to the father of international terrorism.” Some of the chapters are titled – irLaden – the chosen one, Joy of WTC, Bush and Me, Terrorism and Bush, How to fool a Bush by hiding behind a Pakistani Bush, My hideout – Chamber of Secrets, Terrorising in an Entrepreneur style, Managing a terrorist organisation. Personal chapters would be – the joy of having 24 kids and agonies of bringing them up, pros and cons of having a beard.

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