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It isn't victory but the dawn of a new struggle

Into what the majority of the nation witnessed, considering the age of the population, was the first major Gandhian Revolution. The whole nation went behind the government, madly, for drafting, introducing and passing the Lokpal Bill. But is Lokpal Bill what we would have desired for? Is Lokpal what Anna Hazare desires for? All right, everyone wants a corruption free India and thus everyone would go on registering complaints against every corrupt in - government, police, judiciary, and the politicians. But then can you imagine the amount of work Lokpal might have to handle? I may sound cynical here but I am not, after all its always 'FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.'

I fear that most of the smaller corruption cases may not be filed by us. For example, most of the people reading this would have been charged 30 Rupees for Caller Tune even though they didn't ask for it. But how many have filed a complaint in The Consumer Forum? Thinking that the expense would be more than what was deducted. Similarly as well as not so similarly, how many would file a complaint against the Traffic Policeman who wanted a bribe or 50 Rupees because they were not wearing a helmet; or would complain against their college's administration for not taking any strict action for bunking classes; or against the parents who allow their 11-12 year olds to ride bikes and mopeds causing a threat to their as well as others safety; or against the driver who took the left turn without using the side indicator, or for honking in silent zone; or against the principal of the college who asked donations from them for admitting their children even though they got 35% marks; or ... the list would never end. The thing is that there is an other form of corruption that the Lokpal cant address. Lets fight with it too. We have already diluted the aspirations of our founding fathers, lets not dilute the hopes of the Gandhi (not Rahul or Sonia :p) who's still with us and fighting for us.

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P. P. P. S. I leave with a link to Nehru's Tryst with Destiny (Wikipedia link :D). Do read it.
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