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Osama bin Laden opens a Twitter account

Update: This post was featured in paper.li the twitter newspaper in the hilarious tag on 28-12-2010. As it is a paper and changes every day I took a snap shot and uploaded it on Blog's fanpage. You can see the snapshot here.

Twitterverse. The whole world was shocked or rather terrorized when the most wanted man on the earth (no not Mark Zuckerberg) Osama bin Laden opened a twitter account. The account soon came to notice as soon as it was verified within minutes of creation, making it the 'fastest verified account'. The first tweet that he made was:

@irLaden: @BarackObama wassup dude?

This stirred the White House and CIA took the access of the President of the United States of America’s account of the fear that it would crash something on the President's laptop computer. When contacted Twitter Inc. about this, they said that the account is really of bin Laden. As a result, the Pentagon sprung to action and asked Twitter Inc. to close down the account. But Twitter Inc. refused to do so saying it was against was against company's policy and user’s rights. This statement divided the media world into two: one saying that Twitter was too frightened to delete the account and other saying that it was following company’s policies. Thus legal action was taken against Twitter Inc and the owners as a result of which the owners had to take asylum in Sweden and even transfer their severs to Sweden. When the government of America came to know about this they blocked bin Laden’s twitter account. This created a wave of disappointment amongst the social activists. “What if he is a terrorist, he too has human rights, and the right to open and use a twitter account,” president of Association of Online Losers (AOL) Hu Man said.

The Tweets also revealed the location through the location feature of twitter which showed the location to be Los Angeles (LA). This made the White House even tensed. "We are into investigation whether the coordinates are real or work of some proxies," Head of anti-Laden squad Ted ji said with a constipated expression on his face. The quality of tweets varied from threatening to inspirational to humane making everyone wonder had he gone nuts!

I managed to interview bin Laden on twitter, risking my Twitter Account! Following is what transpired.

@PSWmusings: @irLaden hello sir!
@irLaden: @PSWmusings hello.
@PSWmusings: @irLaden why did you open the account?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings if @BarackObama can have it then why not me?
@PSWmusings: @irLaden why did you choose irLaden as your handle? You could have got any account.
@irLaden: @PSWmusings I really like the I R Baboon character in the cartoon I am Weasel. It looks very much like me.
@PSWmusings: @irLaden are you going to open account in FB or any other site?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings Never on FB (Prophet Cartoon Fiasco). We are even planning an online jehad on FB.
@irLaden: @PSWmusings But my PR is thinking of an account on youtube. So that there can be original tapes of mine, no need to verify the authenticity.
@PSWmusings: @irLaden your tweets reveal your location. Aren't you concerned that Washington will hunt you down?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings Mind your words. No one hunts me down, I am the Hunter.
@irLaden: @PSWmusings No i am not scared. The location is of my iPad and not mine.
@PSWmusings: @irLaden You have an iPad? how did you get that?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings I even have an iPhone. Who would refuse to give me anything?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings I have important things to do than talking about iPads 
@PSWmusings: @irLaden What are your future plans?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings I have only one plan - Terrorize. And marrying my Typist.
@PSWmusings: @irLaden Is the typist male?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings hey i am a Woo-man. Better watch your words.
(The typist repiled personally)
@PSWmusings: @irLaden you have employed a woman?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings we have a strict 50% quota for women. Half or which are for personal interests ;)
@irLaden: @PSWmusings In future we are thinking of raising the quota to 70% and retire all the male jehadis
@PSWmusings: @irLaden what would you tell about other Terror groups?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings No comments 
@PSWmusings: @irLaden Thank you for you interview. Any message for the world?
@irLaden: @PSWmusings ha ha ha ha ha...
Now there are reports of other terrorists thinking of opening accounts on various social networking site minus Facebook.

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