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Tera Emotional Atyachar

Note: This post has been rated PG13 by the author.

Recently I was surfing Television channels (and you thought I only surf the net :p) and none of the 160+ channels had anything interesting to show. Sony – as usual, ACP Pradyuman was on air. So I settled on UTV Bindass as Emotional Atyachar season 2 (EA2) was about to start. Their tag line goes as “This time think twice”. It was a repeat telecast. The show uses terms such as: Lead – the one who goes to the EA people pretending stating to love the suspect and wants to check the loyalty of the poor suspect after doubting its loyalty; suspect – a person whose privacy will be invaded upon the request by the Lead, whose izzat (honour) will be defamed and in the end who will be grilled (interrogated) along with abuses by the Lead. I think it was the first episode of Season 2. Ajay Devgan and Imran Hashmi were inducted into the crew of EA2 (haven’t I used the word ‘inducted’ beautifully as if they were inducted into the Hall of Fame? Oh! I love my writing ;) lol) as they were promoting their movie ‘Once Upon a Time…’

The episode begins with a boy (man) being the Lead who wants to test the loyalty of his GF. As the episode progresses Ajay asks the EA2 crew to spy the boy (Lead) as he smelt felt something fishy about the boy. Meanwhile EA team sent a Male Model to woo the girl (woman). She fell into the trap and thus she failed the loyalty test. But the test doesn’t end here as regular episodes. Kahani Mein Twist! (Twist in the story!). The boy too had another GF (call her GF2 and the suspect GF as GF1). So on the final day the boy was showed footages that declared that GF1 was not loyal to him. Then began the grilling part. The boy questioned GF1 with the tadka (abuses) and she added more of tadka to it. And to add to the excitement (as you might have expected) GF2 came and then both the GFs started grilling the boy. ‘Shikari Khud Shikar Ban Gaya!’ (‘The Predator became the Prey!’). Thus the episode ended.
Well and good? But I was not satisfied by the story. Consider this: the boy had two GFs so he would come on TV if he tests any of his GFs, here GF1 which he did. GF 2 would automatically come to know of his cheating when she would watch the TV. And the probability of her watching him and his GF1 on TV is high as this episode would be repeated again and again for a week and given our respectable News Channels, the clippings would be aired on them too. So no one would do such mistake. Even Giovanni Jacopo Casanova wouldn’t have tried this! So I think there is some fishy here.

The second thing that I dislike is the way they sensor abuses. Some words such as bastard and some Hindi gaalis that the Oxford dictionary doesn’t include as Vulgar are too censored to sensationalise. They insert the beep in such a manner that you cannot hear the complete word but make out what the word was. The (commercial) breaks showed a sneak peek of the next episode where a woman said bastard to the grilled and defamed Suspect. Here they inserted a beep but you can figure out that the word was Bastard and they blurred her lips, as the Americans do, so you that you can not lip read what she said. Now, they didn’t blur the lips of the abusers in the episode that I watched that had abuses ranging from mothers to sisters which are far more offensive than the previously mentioned ‘bastard’. Moreover I would like to say that the beeps make viewing unpleasant so either they shouldn’t use beeps or stop the people from using beeping words/languages. The later cannot be implemented as the Social Activists would then campaign for the support of ‘Freedom of speech and Expression!’ so they should think of the first.

The third thing that I found a bit wrong was that the model that they used to woo the girl presented himself as a rich guy who took the girl to expensive places. Anyone would choose a rich and handsome guy instead of a guy working in some Chetan Bhagat’s Call Centre. You may say that love is blind but in this 21st century love is blind only if it’s happening in a five star hotel. Moreover its nature selectivity rule also coming in; animals select the best possible and here when you have the best coming on its own then who would remain loyal.
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  1. I watched that show only once (that "Bobby Darling" episode), and it was utter stupid and disgusting..!!

  2. @Aniruddh, Bobby darling? What next? Well in in that case I was lucky, and thank God. "Thank You God, for being kind to me."
    I have thus included UTV Bindass in my **Blocked list of channels that are disgusting like India TV**. ;)


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