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The Bandh

Anything that’s political whether it be the election, development, the civil nuclear deal or any thing else has the aam aadmi (the common man) at its centre. But when it comes to execution the aam aadmi remains aam and is not considered. The case of ‘Price Rise’ and the bandh is not any different. For the past many months the issue of price rise is a major concern for most of the India.

All the measures taken by the government to curb the price rise have been ineffective. And like any dumb ass might have figured it out, the Opposition too figured it out and thought of doing something for the aam aadmi. After performing some permutations and combinations they settled at ‘The Bandh’. Bandh – a sort of movement in which someone (with good influence over the mass) asks the mass to stop their work, business and any other commercial activity and sit at home as if some cricket match is on air. So 5-July-2010 was selected for the bandh.


On the day of the bandh, the party leaders and the party workers of the NDA and the LEFTovers (the Left and the rest of the opposition parties) came out on the streets. The party workers blocked all the traffic in major cities and went to all the major public transport junctions – bus stations, metro stations, railway stations – and tried to prevent people from boarding the same. There were many workers on the streets which I think are those (unemployed people) that the parties bring from the nearby villages in larger numbers and pay them cheap money to join their movement. The police caught some of the leaders as well the party workers and put them behind the bars. All of the leaders and most of the workers were released in the evening because the police was too sluggish to charge them and submit all the charge sheets in the court. Schools and colleges were closed or had to be closed in most of the major cities. Everything was back to normal in the evening with the Opposition citing victory in the bandh and the government citing victory by saying the bandh was ineffective. The Opposition tried to fool us or rather themselves by claiming that the people on the roads were the aam aadmi who came out to support them. What they don’t realise is that how can the aam aadmi who doesn’t even come out to vote can come out to support them in the bandh?

Here are some of the salient, disgusting, shameful, violent, etc. features and incidents of the Bandh:
  • Around 100 buses of BEST were vandalized. 
  • Some of the Shiv Shainiks even tried to burn a seat in a local train (which would have burnt the entire bogie and then the train) in Mumbai but thanks to the police they were not able to do so.
  • Bar Girls were called on the streets in Patna to bring people on the streets.
  • At various places public properties were vandalized.
  • At many cities (Bhopal, Mumbai, etc.) party workers roamed in the city on bikes shouting slogans “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” as if they were doing anything for the nation.
  • At Borivali railway station a party worker slapped a man to prevent him from boarding the train and the man couldn’t do anything.
  • Effigies of PM and of ‘price rise represented as a devil’ were burnt (which didn’t solve the problem of price rise and resulted to pollution).
  • 86 flights were cancelled in Mumbai due to the Bandh which caused inconvenience to the travellers.
  • Many trains were cancelled.
But what was the outcome of the bandh? What was gained from it? From aam aadmi‘s perspective – nothing. The rest did gain something from it. The Opposition - media coverage. The press – huge TRPs. The television channels also gained some more TRPs. The students – holiday.

Now the economical analysis:
  • The economy suffered a loss of about 13,000 cr INR. (The GDP of India is about 5 million crores in a year, so each day’s loss comes out to be 13k cr INR). 
  • Trading in ‘The Bombay Stock Exchange’ (BSE) was only 42% of the regular trading days.
  • The Railways and Shipping Industries 100cr each.
  • Transportation 50cr.
  • Public properties worth millions were destroyed. 
Who will pay for these loses? Of course it has to be the aam aadmi again, who will pay these. The businesses and the shopkeepers would redeem their losses from the aam aadmi only. Won’t the compensation of these losses further result to Price Rise – the cause of this bandh? What about that labourer, whose family gets it food from his daily wage, who didn’t get his wage due to the bandh? Even L. K. Advani, one of the most respectable leader of the Opposition, said,”The prices won’t come down but we observed the bandh so that anyone may not tell us that ‘you did nothing.’” Absurdity and insanity at its best! Who was victorious and who was the looser? Well, I cant say about the former but the later, as always, is the aam aadmi.

P. S. All the above facts and figures are taken from various news papers and channels.
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