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My first Haircut of 2010


All the persons, incidents accidents, and the ‘emotional atyachar’ mentioned are true, real and exist or existed (the incidents) to the best of my knowledge, and I bear complete responsibility for them, in the real world. And their co-relation with any of you is not possible, at least in this universe. If this happens, then stop reading this and contact me immediately as it may be dangerous for you. If not then continue reading this as it was written to be read and read again!

Dedicated to all the mothers of the world that God sent for us


Since childhood I always used to cut my hairs whenever they grew long, mummy used to tell me to. She used to tell to keep my hairs – you guessed it right – short, very short and I being an *obedient* son used to follow her instructions obediently. In fact, I was known in my class for keeping short hairs. Later, when I grew up, my hatred for haircuts grew with me but I found the benefit of keeping short hairs – shorter the hairs the later you need to cut them. So keeping short hairs was a win-win situation for both of us given that I cut my hairs once every two months.

Who: Me

What: My First Hair cut of 2010

When: 29th of April, 2010

Where: The Barber’s shop

Why: Because, first my hairs had grown too long and secondly but most importantly because of mummy.

How: Contact my barber for as to how he cut my hair.

Part 1

I had my hair cut on 30th Dec 2009, just before the semester exams. Now no haircuts till Feb. Came March and I was not at home where I usually have my haircut, so I escaped March. Came April and the signs of long hairs started surfacing, a few started asking about my hair. After the mid-semester exams, I was supposed to get back to home, which I did.

The Big Day

While on the way in train, I was hoping that, ‘Mummy should not come to receive me’ because if she would then I would reach home beheaded. ;) And she didn’t, papa came to pick me up. But to my utter disappointment he didn’t recognize me as he had never seen me with so long hairs and what happens with me always – whenever anyone looks me after a long time I always look thinner to him. When I returned home, as expected mummy would say that my hairs were too long, unexpected mummy said, “Go get your hairs cut”. I mean I had just arrived. So I said, “I have just come today and I will cut them tomorrow” but she was adamant even God himself would not have been able to persuade her. Then papa also started saying to get my hairs cut. Every twenty minutes mummy would shout and say to get my hairs cut and any good boy from a good and respectable family would always obey his parents and began with all the lectures on *sanskar*. Papa would also join her and emphasize it. Surprisingly and miraculously, I survived till evening (about four hours).

End of Part 1

Part 2

Then the housemaid came, the final nail on my hairs’ coffin, and she too joined the crowd rebelling against me, and added that I look like – gulp – a girl. Finally, I bowed down. Everyone was happy relieved. And when I was about to go mummy said to cut moustache also. Well weren’t the hairs enough? Finally, I also agreed upon that. Got my hairs cut. When I returned home mummy said how good I look and I blushed got angry because whenever she would look at me she would say how good I look. You cannot live with peace even after you have had a haircut. There is no way out when it comes to all the mothers. Well this was the story of my first haircut of the year 2010.

The End

It is up to you to decide whether the end was a happy one or not.

This should have been posted immediately but as I was *enjoying* (friends forgive me for this) my life without Facebook I postponed this and now luckily this is going to be posted near Mother’s day.

 Feedback awaited.
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